Behind the Scenes

So I know a very few of you were a little worried about the details concerning IndieGirl CON, so we thought we would do a blog post to bring you behind the scenes.

IndieGirl CON was created by myself, Melissa Andrea and my fabulous partner in crime, Tabatha Vargo. We are both authors in the indie community we love so much! Tabatha said ‘Hey, let’s put together a cool, fun, convention!’ and I said ‘Let’s call it IndieGirl CON!’ and the rest is just details we’re trying VERY hard to put together. We decided to plan a year ahead to make sure we had plenty of time to make this convention run as smoothly as possible. Tabatha and I are very organized, control freaks, so we wanted to make sure everything is perfect! Please rest assure that the only reason we haven’t released more info yet, is because we’ve already had to switch venues, to accommodate the amount of people we are expecting at the event. We didn’t want to announce the venue until we knew it was set in writing. We are still waiting to sign the contract with the venue, but we’re pretty sure this is going to be where the convention will be held. Tabatha and I have established a reputation for our name, and we would never do anything to mess that up, so thank you for everyone who has been understanding!

For us authors life as a writer can be complicated enough, an adding in home life and now planning a convention, it’s crazy, but we’re having a blast doing it! We just wanted to give you a little info on who the IndieGirl Team was and what we were about. We want this to be a fun, casual rockfest, filled with amazing authors, fun games and prizes and all the amazing people who support us! Fangirling will definitely be taken to a whole new level at IGC! So be ready to rock out, with your… well you get the picture :)

Tabatha is hard at work finishing up her soon to be released NA Contemp, Playing Patience, YAY!! So while she is hard at work wrapping up the finishing touched before her release date, April 26th, I will be here to answer any questions you have! I will be finishing up my NA Contemp, At The Edge of Darkness, so while I am hiding in my cave, Tabatha will be here for all of you IndieGirl needs!

Thank you again for all your support, and we are so excited for this event!! & we promise it’s real, haha :) Oh, & this event is completely a non-profit event and sponsored by Tabatha and myself.

We love you all, The IndieGirl Team!

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