Amanda Harter

Amanda HarterI wrote the first book “When life gives you lemons, drink every drop” because the prose that fills it was written during a not so positive childhood, teen, and new adult times. I felt that with being a survivor of different forms of abuse, if I shared this that it would inspire someone, help someone and create more positive statistics that all the negativity we see come out of these circumstances.

When Life Hands You Lemons Drink Every Drop_AHWhen life gives you lemons, drink every drop!

There are many people that will go through life without a way to release the pain, happiness or even the sadness that each experience or life’s lesson has given them. The written word of prose has helped people cope with death, abuse and bad relationships. Poetry has always been a way for me to cope with so much, and now I give it to you. These lines of prose will take you through many of the ups and downs that life can have, and many of the unexpected ones too. Included are some quotes that along with the poems have gotten me through.


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