Welcome to the first, annual, IndieGirl CON!!

11pm-3.30pm Author signing
(Side note: You do not have to be at your table the whole time.
Please feel free to move around the event.)

10am – IndieGirl CON Registration

10.50am – IndieGirl Welcome Announcement

10:55 – Snapshot Scavenger Hunt Announcements

12pm – Createspace Speaker

12.45pm – IndieGirl Giveaway Announcement

1pm – Break

2pm – Blog Hosted Event *TBA*

2.30pm – IndieGirl Giveaway Announcement

3.50pm – Ending Day Announcements

*NOTE – Food and drink vendors will be present at the event all day for your convenience. There are picnic areas located in the front of the venue. IndieGirl CON is meant to be laid back and fun!!